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Gremlins Brew is a two-player couch co-op experience, where you and a friend play as two gremlins, working together to create fantastical potions for adventurers, inside the worlds first vending machine. 

But you better work fast, these adventurers are impatient and don't enjoy waiting  for their potions. Only the best Gremlin duos have what it takes to rise the ranks of our leader board. So the question is...

Can you brew your way to the top? 

Keyboard and controller support. Controllers recommended.

About us

Gremlins Brew was created by a Melbourne student dev team from Swinburne University, who presented Gremlins Brew at PAX Australia 2019. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NebulousDingo



Gremlins Brew.zip 88 MB
Gremlins Brew Concept Art Book.pdf 27 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip, run "Gremlins Brew. exe" 

You can also download our art book made by our lovely artists 

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